2020 Pioneer 700-4 Is a Bang for the Buck

The latest 2020 Pioneer 700-4 UTV is the real competitor on the market. This model provides excellent built quality, versatility and capability. Besides, it comes with the newest Honda’s exclusive QuickFlip® seating, giving maximum comfort to all passengers.

Like many sides by the side UTV nowadays, the new Pioneer 700-4 can carry up to four people. When you’re not using the QuickFlip, one can easly seats fold flat, giving maximum utility when it comes to hauling.

2020 Pioneer 700-4 review

Pioneer 700-4 Review

If you need a robust and powerful UTV that provides great headling, the new 2020 Pioneer 700-4 is an ideal choice. This model comes with a fully-independent rear suspension features a dual-rate spring resulting 9.1-inches of travel. Basically, thanks to that, even loaded to the max, you’re assured predictable handling performance.

As we mentioned at the beginning, this model comes with the industry-exclusive QuickFlip® seating system. Interestingly, thanks to this system, one can easly switch between 2-person mode with full cargo to a 3-person mode, or even 4.

Variety Of Color Choices

The beautiful Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe is available in five colours. This includes Honda Phantom Camo, Pearl Red that is exclusive on the Deluxe model, Metallic Silver, Matte White, and Red.

2020 Pioneer 700-4 side

2020 Pioneer 700-4 Engine and Performance

This great UTV is powered by a performance engine that is rubber-mounted for less cabin vibration. It uses a 675cc four-stroke single delivering great stability on all types of terrains. Automatic shifting comes with this model and is operated very smooth and quick.

Generally, this unis is one of the best on the market and is fuel-injected. Thanks to this strong engine, the new Pioneer 700-4 can haul plenty of tow things. This model is capable of towing a maximum 1,500 pounds, which is pretty good for such compact UTV. Overall, it’s strong enough to handle some of those jobs you’d normally use a tractor for.

2020 Pioneer 700-4 Price

The new 2020 Pioneer 700-4 brings plenty of excitement. This model is powerful and is ideal for any type of terrains. Generally, there is no obstacle that can stop this UTV. However, this all cost, we must say that it’s not cheap at all. This model starts at $12,399, without destination charge of $760.

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