2021 Honda Pioneer 700 Can Load Maximum of 1500 Pounds

If you are looking for a stylish UTV that comes with fully-independent rear suspension, look no further than 2021 Honda Pioneer 700. This model is an ideal choice and it features a dual-rate spring boasting 9.1-inches of travel.

Also, it’s powered by a rugged 675cc liquid-cooled engine that can pull 1,500-pound capacity. Compared to other UTVs in the same class, this model is among the tops in the industry, and it’s made of strong, durable construction. So even when loaded to the max capacity, the new 2021 Honda Pioneer 700 provides excellent handling. This model uses an automatic transmission and you can also shift from auto to manual (AT to MT) on the fly.

2021 Honda Pioneer 700 front

2021 Honda Pioneer 700 Design

The rugged styling of 2021 Honda Pioneer 700 makes this UTV very attractive. Comfort is excellent and bench hosts very durable covering that can withstand the frequent entry and exit of passengers. Also, the Honda Pioneer 700 comes with a new double-wishbone front suspension features dual-rate springs.

Thanks to that, this UTV provides smooth riding, superior handling, and all-day comfort. However, the rear suspension is fully-independent features a dual-rate spring. It also boasts 9.1-inches of travel. Safety is also one of the best on the market. This UTV includes disc brakes, occupant protection structure, integrated handrails, recessed top tubes, and automotive-style three-point seatbelts with emergency locking retractors.

2021 Honda Pioneer 700 side

2021 Honda Pioneer 700 Performances

The latest Honda Pioneer 700 is a great UTV that provides one of the best towing capacity in the class. Primary thanks to its potent powertrain of 675cc four-stroke single, this model offers a maximum tow capacity of 1,500 pounds.

Generally, the Honda Pioneer 700 is strong to handle some of those jobs you’d usually need a tractor for. As you can see, the cargo bed is strong, durable, and literary it can handle heavy loads easily.

2021 Honda Pioneer 700 bed

Release Date and Cost

The new Honda Pioneer 700 is UTV that is ranked very high. This model is stylish and it comes with a strong engine, giving a maximum tow of 1500 pounds.

This model is available now to purchase, and depending on the level of equipment, price will vary. The base model starts at $10, 999, without a destination charge of $760.

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