2023 Honda Pioneer 1000: Here’s Everything We Know So Far


The more attractive side-by-side 2023 Honda Pioneer 1000 is reportedly going on sale next year. Unlike many rivals available on the market, you can’t go wrong with this one. It offers smart technology, superior materials, and refined engineering. As before, this model is available in three configurations including the Pioneer 1000, Pioneer 1000 Deluxe, and the Pioneer 1000 Limited Edition. Not forget that you can also get a five-seat Pioneer 1000-5 models as well as the Special Edition.

Best of all, every mentioned Pioneer above features something that nobody of its rivals can offer, and that’s reputation for reliability and quality. Also, thanks to a class-leading 999cc liquid-cooled inline twin and the unique Unicam cylinder head design, this model delivers great horsepower and torque.

2023 Honda Pioneer 1000 front

2023 Honda Pioneer 1000 Design

On the cosmetic front, the 2023 Honda Pioneer 1000 is a very modern UTV. Thanks to its refined chassis, you can easily tackle every terrain. This model also comes with 27-inch tires on 12-inch rims, long-travel independent front and rear suspension. On top of that, it features huge ground clearance. Practically speaking, the upgraded dual A-arm suspension gives this UTV 10.5 inches of travel in the front, and around 10-inches of travel in the rear.

Pioneer 1000 Special Edition

Besides standard Pioneer 1000, Honda also offers the Special Edition. This is basically the most favorite model that stands out from other versions thanks to its accessories. It offers more comfort and premium accessories such as the Warn 4,500 lb. Winch, front fender flares, two-piece poly windscreen, 14” LED light bar, rearview mirror, and much more.

To separate this model from the rest of the versions, Honda wrapped up Special Edition in TrueTimber Viper Urban Camo graphics. We like every detail on it, especially the blacked-out doors and wheels.

2023 Honda Pioneer 1000 Engine Specs

As we mentioned, every Honda Pioneer 1000 is powered by a class-leading 999cc liquid-cooled inline twin delivering so far 72 horsepower. However, thanks to a modified Unicam cylinder head design, the manufacture could add a few extra horses on the upcoming model.

Many believe that the new Honda Pioneer 1000 could get at least 80 horses, which is not a significant upgrade at all. As before, we expect it to use the same fully-automatic 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission. Interestingly, you would still be able to choose between manual mode or fully automatic.

Towing Capacity

Like before, this department will remain unchanged. This means we can expect the 2023 Honda Pioneer 1000 to maximum tow of up to 2000 pounds. Anyway, the towing capacity is unsurpassed by any competitor.

2023 Honda Pioneer 1000 side

2023 Honda Pioneer 1000 Release Date, Price

The new 2023 Honda Pioneer 1000 is a UTV/Utility Four-Wheeler that has a great reputation for reliability and quality. This flagship model comes with a class-leading 999cc liquid-cooled inline twin that delivers excellent output. It is also built for the American market in the Timmonsville plant, South Carolina.

The MSRP of the current Pioneer 1000 is 15.899, but we can expect a small jump to the new one. So, if you’re looking for an ideal UTV that can tackle any type of terrains, the Honda Pioneer 1000 is the best choice to go for.

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  1. Does anyone know if honda is going to build the pioneer 1000 S E in 2023 the three seater every time I say something I get the same thing nothing

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  2. Why does the honda dealers still have the honda pioneer 1000 -3 S E in there ads for 2021. If they cannot tell u anything about if honda is going to release any of them or not . They still have them listed so I ordered one in September of last year . So if it’s still listed why can’t I get the one I want…???? As always not a word thanks

    1. Why is honda coming out with new line when they cannot produce what they already have How’s that

  3. How long should I wait it has been 18 months what to do what to do

  4. How long should I wait it has been 18 months If they want to me one I need to know something now this is enough. Thanks

  5. It’s 4/15/23 and I don’t have a Honda pioneer what to do next

  6. It’s now 4/15/23 I still don’t have a honda pioneer 1000-3 what to do give up and buy a jeep

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