2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 Improvements, Colors

2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 front

If you want to bring more fun into your life, then the upcoming side-by-side 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 is worth waiting for. According to news, the forthcoming model will bring plenty of improvements compared to its predecessor. However, like before, this UTV will be offered in editions Pioneer 1000, Pioneer 1000 Deluxe, and Pioneer 1000 Limited.

Besides, if you need more seating, the manufacturer also offers five-seat Pioneer 1000-5 models. For 2022, Honda will reportedly make some exterior changes to the new model, so you can explore further and enjoy more. Best of all, every Honda Pioneer features something that other doesn’t offer, and that’s reputation for reliability and quality.

2022 Honda Pioneer 1000

2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 Upgrades

Built to enhance every driving experience, the new 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 offers a very compact design. Generally, this model is designed to tackle all types of terrains thanks to its strong chassis. It comes with larger tires of 27-inch, long-travel independent front and rear suspension, and massive ground clearance. Contoured for three passengers, the Honda Pioneer 1000 features the center seat that’s positioned up and forward to maximize space and comfort. As we mentioned, Honda also offers a five-seat version called Pioneer 1000-5. All models are available in six colors including Olive, Red, Reactor Blue, Phantom Camo, Matt Green Metallic, and Viper Urban Camo.

The latest edition also comes with a large multi-function LCD dash display that loads all of the information. You can basically customize the main screen, adding speed information, fuel level, fuel gauge, water temperature, trip information, and more.

Engine Specs

The 2022 Honda Pioneer will deploy the same class-leading 999cc liquid-cooled inline twin engine as its predecessor. The same Unicam cylinder head design is present like on many motocross bikes. Thanks to that, the machine is more compact, and it provides plenty of horsepower and torque you’d expect from a flagship model.

If you didn’t know, the Honda Pioneer 1000 is the first UTV globally that uses a 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission. Basically, you can choose between manual mode or fully automatic. Plus, this model features Sport Mode that increases the fun.

2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 side

2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 Release Date, Price

Reportedly, the new 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 will arrive later in the year. For 2022, it will bring some improvements regarding exterior styling and aerodynamics.

Besides, this UTV still uses the same powerful class-leading 999cc liquid-cooled inline twin engine that provides excellent performance. It starts at little less than $16K, which is still affordable for a flagship model.

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