2022 Honda CRF125F Overview


The new 2022 Honda CRF125F is one of the strongest contenders in its class. This bike is around for a while, featuring a very compact design and providing maximum fun on all terrains. Generally, it’s designed primarily for younger riders and is loaded with many features that will make riding more enjoyable.

On top of that, the Honda CRF125F comes with a twin-spar steel frame that can handle off-road with ease. The long-travel suspension is also present, delivering a plush ride. Besides, its reliable single stroke engine offers fantastic performance, and thanks to the fuel injection system, it’s very efficient. Moreover, like the outgoing model, the new one features the same electric starter and a four-speed transmission giving you excellent control.

2022 Honda CRF125F front

2022 Honda CRF125F Design

The upcoming 2022 Honda CRF125F is an ideal crosser for everyday use. This bike looks attractive, and it features a strong, twin-spar-type steel frame with a swingarm. Generally, it’s built to handle the bumps and dings of off-road riding.

Like its bigger siblings, the Honda CRF125F comes with tough plastic fenders, tank, and other body parts engineered to shrug off the minor dings of the real world. It’s also important to mention that it has a lower seat height than its predecessor, giving more confidence right from the start.

Engine Specs

The 2022 Honda CRF125F continues to offer the same proven engine as its predecessor. This bike deploys a dependable four-stroke, 124.9cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine, providing good performance. On top of that, it also uses a fuel injection system, allowing it to starts right up, even in cold weather. The system also reduces emissions and enhances performance and fuel efficiency. The four-speed gearbox is present like on many full-sized bikes, giving riders all the control that they need.

2022 Honda CRF125F rear

2022 Honda CRF125F Release Date, Price

The forthcoming 2022 Honda CRF125F will most likely arrive later in the year. Besides some small improvements, this bike still offers a lot of fun. Generally, it’s made especially for the younger ones, but it can take with easy adults.

For the best safety, Honda recommended using a helmet and protective suit. In the segment that is crowded with bikes, the Honda CRF125F is still one of the most affordable. This bike starts at $3,199 without a destination charge of $200.

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