2023 Honda CB1000R Review, Top Speed, Black Edition, HP


With its understated aesthetics, the 2023 Honda CB1000R is one of the most surprising motorcycles you can find in today’s overcrowded market. It features that super-cool steer-fighter design but underneath, there is a super-serious machine that offers a race-bike level of performance.

This bike has everything you could ask for, starting from a super-smooth inline-four engine, to a light and perfectly balanced chassis. All this ensures excellent performance but the CB1000R offers more than just raw performance. It looks great and also offers a high level of comfort, while its specially tuned transmission makes it an ultimate street machine.

2023 Honda CB1000R featured

2023 Honda CB1000R Powertrain

The CB1000R Black Edition boasts a powerful 998cc DOHC four-cylinder engine that proved itself on Honda superbikes. It comes with an innovative design with forged instead cast pistons that make it as strong as it is powerful. With this engine, the CB1000R Black Edition is capable of getting all its power to the ground with a light pull at the clutch lever. Additionally, the slipper/assist clutch helps mitigate rear-wheel hop during aggressive downshifts and deceleration.

The close-ratio six-speed transmission is geared to emphasize the bike’s awesome acceleration. With just a crack of the throttle, you’ll feel the power of this impressive machine that, just like any other Honda engine, loves to rev high more than anything. Also, the shifter is adjustable for three shifter levels: soft, medium, and hard. This is a versatile motorcycle, with race-bike-spec but built for the street.

2023 Honda CB1000R Design

One look at the 2023 Honda CB1000R and you can tell it’s a premium machine. With its burnished-aluminum radiator shroud and airbox cover, engine cases, cylinder head, and sprocket hub. Simply said, everything feels premium. The round-styled LED headlight is powerful and bright, and looks super-cool, an integral part of the bike’s no-nonsense streetfighter presence.

2023 Honda CB1000R specs

The 2023 Honda CB1000R features LED lighting throughout. It is brighter, more compact, lighter, and incredibly durable. The horseshoe-shaped light ring brings a modern flare to the bike’s traditional styling, while the exhaust system is a harmonizing symphony of black tones that not only sounds great but also makes a major contribution to the bike’s overall look.

Finally, there is a digital instrument cluster on the CB1000R, powered by a big, bright, five-inch TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display that gives you all the information you need while riding.

Chassis and Suspension

As mentioned, this is a race-bike-spec machine, so it’s no wonder there are components like a 43mm Showa SFF-BP fork with spring-preload, rebound- and compression-damping adjustability and a single Showa shock with spring-preload and rebound damping adjustability. The front brake has dual 310mm discs with radial-mounted four-piston calipers and ABS, while the rear brake is a single 256mm disc with ABS. The front tire features 120/70-17 dimensions, while the massive rear tire is good for 190/55-17. The bike features a wheelbase of 57.3 inches, which offers a perfect balance between comfort and maneuverability. Speaking of comfort, the seat height is 32.7 inches. Another important piece of information is that the curb weight is just 467 pounds, which makes the CB1000R one of the lightest motorcycles in the class.

With the open riding position, you sit up a little straighter, giving you a higher vantage point. This also makes it more comfortable for most riders. Once again, we have to mention the bike’s lightweight construction, which not only helps performance but also contributes to better handling and makes the bike more fun to ride just about everywhere.

2023 Honda CB1000R

2023 Honda CB1000R Price and Warranty

The 2023 Honda CB1000R comes exclusively in Black finish and it starts at around 13.000 dollars. Also, the company gives a one-year, unlimited-mileage warranty, which can be extended with the company’s well-known protection plan.

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