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After the last year’s major update, which has brought so many important upgrades, the 2023 Honda Monkey comes with subtle changes only. All the new features that were introduced with the 2022 model are still here, starting from the new engine, new 5-speed transmission, and new chassis components. This year, Honda designers decided to offer just a few minor visual updates, particularly in terms of new colors. Other than that, things are pretty much the same.

Therefore, the 2023 Honda Monkey will continue to do what it does best. For decades, the Monkey has been famous for delivering an incredible level of fun in such a small package. The Monkey is small and looks funky, while we like its new mechanics very much. Despite the simple design, it also comes with a few pretty nice convenience features, including digital instrumentalization that ensures excellent transparency.

The new model year is already in the showrooms.

2023 Honda Monkey Styling

Styling has always been one of the Monkey’s most important ingredients. Characterized by a small and funky look, this mini bike is hugely popular around the world. The 2023 Honda Monkey brings a few updates, particularly in terms of the new color options. There are two color options on offer – Banana Yellow, Pearl Nebula Red. What’s also cool about the new model is that Honda is once again painting chassis elements, such as the frame and swing arm, which follow the nuances of body parts. There is also the nicely-designed digital instrument cluster, which comes with an old-school round housing. Besides attractive aesthetics, it offers great transparency, as the screen shows many parameters, including speedometer, odometer, A&B trip meters, fuel gauge, and indicator for low/high beam.

Other than the new colors, the styling remains largely the same. This bike perfectly combines modern and retro elements. Of course, the good-old round headlights are still here, as one of the most prominent styling elements. On the other end, there is a more modern-looking LED taillight. Once again, there is a nice combination of a low-riding seat that goes just around 30.5 inches and a high-rise handlebar. Such a combination makes the motorcycle comfortable for taller passengers as well, despite the compact size. Finally, there are recognizable chunky tires that don’t just look cool, but also provide good grip and absorb road imperfections.

2023 Honda Monkey Chassis and Suspension

One of the many things we like about Honda Monkey is its well-balanced chassis and suspension setup. With just 231 pounds of curb weight, Monkey is a pretty compact motorcycle. Such a lightweight construction is complemented by a nice suspension setup, which includes an inverted fork at the front, with 3.9 inches of travel. The rear wheel is equipped with twin shocks that provide 4 inches of travel. Combined with 12-inch wheels and chunky tires, this setup seems perfect for urban conditions and offers good control and pretty good absorption of road imperfections.

When it comes to brakes, the front wheel comes with a 220mm hydraulic disc, while the rear end comes with a little bit smaller, 190mm single hydraulic disc. Despite the small size and affordable price, the 2023 Honda Monkey comes standard with ABS, which ensures excellent braking control on all surfaces and in all weather conditions.


One of the most recognizable things about the Honda Monkey has always been its compact size. The current model is no exception, as it features just 45 inches in wheelbase. As we already mentioned, the seat height is at 30.5 inches, while the curb weight is just 231 pounds.

The caster angle is 25 degrees, while the trail is 3.2 inches. Another thing we like about this bike is the pretty large fuel tank. It features a capacity of 1.5 gallons which, combined with excellent fuel economy, ensures a pretty impressive range for a motorcycle of this size and class.

2023 Honda Monkey Engine Specs

As we already mentioned, the last year’s update has brought significant updates, which included a new engine and transmission. Of course, the 2023 Honda Monkey continues in the same way, with the new 124cc engine with fuel injection, which features a max output of 9.3 horsepower and 8.1 pound-feet of torque. You may count on Honda’s recognizable technical solutions, which made it an absolute leader among ICE manufacturers. The engine features two valves per cylinder and comes with programmed fuel injection, as well as a 24mm throttle body.

The engine comes coupled with the new five-speed transmission, which features one more gear compared to the old unit. Of course, this is beneficial in many ways, starting from better fuel economy, higher top speed etc.

2023 Honda Monkey Price

The 2023 Honda Monkey is already in showrooms, as we already mentioned. The price goes around 4.250 dollars for the base model, which comes standard with ABS. You may also count on a one-year unlimited-mileage warranty, which can be extended with Honda’s well-known protection plan.

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