2023 Honda CBR650R Review, Top Speed, Specs, ABS, Exhaust


If there’s a perfectly balanced sports bike, that would be the 2023 Honda CBR650R. Despite 650cc, it is an inline-four engine, which sets this model apart from the competition. It offers super-smooth power delivery and offers a balance that works great in all driving conditions, including daily commuting.

It is a motorcycle that’s versatile, but still clearly oriented to the riding experience, offering a perfectly balanced chassis, which is easy and maneuverable. Furthermore, there is the super-attractive styling, along with a full load of additional, practical solutions, which all come in a combination with Honda’s most famous feature – unparalleled reliability.

2023 Honda CBR650R

2023 Honda CBR650R Engine

The heart and soul of this motorcycle is its amazing engine. Unlike most rivals that feature twin-cylinder units, this Honda comes with four cylinders, and four-cylinder engines are what Honda does best, whether it’s about cars or motorcycles. The level of smoothness this engine offers is simply spectacular. Moreover, there is a twin-duct intake design, engineered to ram cool, dense air into the airbox, which all results in even more power.

This 649cc inline-four offers everything you would expect from a Honda engine. Of course, there is a twin overhead camshaft design, with programmed fuel injection. Moreover, the engine is tuned in such a nice way. Not only that it revs faster than rival twins and screams like hell, all away up to 14.000 RPM, but it is also programmed to offer plenty of low-end torque, which means that you may count on a smooth and pretty generous power delivery across pretty much entire range.

The engine comes coupled with a super-smooth six-speed transmission, which comes with slipped clutch, while you may also count on Honda’s well-known Selectable Torque Control, which reduces rear-wheel slip and is a fantastic tool for daily commuting and unpleasant weather condition. The best thing is that you can easily turn it off and enjoy all the magic this engine and chassis offer.

2023 Honda CBR650R Chassis and Design

Of course, the first thing you can notice is a genuine sports bike design, which comes in a gorgeous Gran Prix Red finish. Naturally, Y-spoke wheels are an integral part of this design, just like a dual-lens LED headlight that offers excellent illumination and makes this bike look even cooler.

2023 Honda CBR650R featured

The handling is even better than the styling, and that’s mostly because of the perfectly balanced chassis. There is a Honda’s well-known twin-spar frame that incorporates many parts, including engine hangers and seat rails, making the motorcycle lighter. At the same time, the level of rigidity is exceptional and works in perfect symbiosis with Showa Separate Function Front Fork Big Piston front suspension.

Anti-lock brakes are part of the standard equipment, just like massive dual 310mm front discs with radial-mount four-piston calipers. The rear brake also comes with a respectable single 240mm disc.

With all standard equipment, including fluids and a full fuel tank, which has a capacity of 4.1 gallons, the motorcycle weighs around 445 pounds.


Of course, it’s hard to imagine a motorcycle like this without a couple of nice convenience features. We already talked about LED lighting that provides excellent illumination. Furthermore, there is a digital, full-flat instrument cluster, an LCD screen that features a speedometer, and a tachometer, as well as gear position, water temperature and many other indicators.

2023 Honda CBR650R instrument cluster

As we already mentioned, the 2023 Honda CBR650R comes exclusively in a Gran Prix Red finish.

2023 Honda CBR650R Price and Warranty

The comes with a starting price of around 9.900 dollars, plus a $400 destination charge. The company gives a one-year, unlimited-mileage warranty, which can be extended with the company’s well-known Honda Care Protection Plan.

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