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If you’re looking for a street rider, search no more, because the 2023 Honda CB500F is the right choice for you, no matter the size of experience. With a well-balanced size and ergonomics, this motorcycle fits everyone with ease, while retaining an excellent driving position. Furthermore, its naked look makes it not just attractive, but able to age with grace. Finally, there is the matter of riding experience, thanks to its capable engine, advanced suspension etc.

This motorcycle looks nice and rides even better, thanks to its well-balanced chassis and refined suspension. Simply, even though we are talking about a quite affordable bike, which is predominately designed for less-experienced riders, Honda installed high-quality components that ensure that this bike can satisfy all rider profiles, including the most demanding ones. For this year, Honda decided to come up with proven design and technical solutions, so you may be sure of your choice, without any worries.

2023 Honda CB500F

2023 Honda CB500F Engine Specs

As we’ve just mentioned, the 2023 Honda CB500F continues with proven design and technical solutions, and that starts from the engine. We are talking about one of Honda’s most famous twins, which offers exceptional versatility, in a combination with unparalleled reliability. This parallel twin is rated at 47 horsepower and 43 Nm of torque and the beauty of its design is that power and torque are available across a wide rev range.

One of the reasons for such an elastic power and torque delivery is programmed fuel injection, which delivers full power between 3000 and 7000 rpm, a rev range that’s usually inconsistent in power delivery with engines of this size and layout. The engine features four valves per cylinder and comes coupled with a quick and super-smooth 6-speed automatic transmission.

2023 Honda CB500F side view

Design and Suspension

The CB500F stands out in many ways and styling is definitely one of them. We like its naked, progressive look very much, as well as its compact exhaust, with twin-outlet muffled and large pipes, which looks cool and also has a nice impact on both power and sound.

As we already mentioned, the company installed some high-quality components, despite the price tag. That particularly refers to the suspension, where you can find an inverted-fork design. We are talking about Showa Separate Function Fork–Big Piston (SFF-BP) design, which proved itself as a class leader in this segment. Furthermore, there is a pro-link rear suspension, which makes this bike super convenient on the street.

Also, it’s important to mention that every model comes standard with anti-locking brakes, while excellent torsional rigidity is achieved thanks to the 35mm steel tube frame, which is diamond-shaped and connects the engine with four mounts. That’s also the reason why this bike handles so well.

2023 Honda CB500F Convenience

Despite its “road warrior design”, the 2023 Honda CB500F comes with a full load of convenience features. One of the first things that come to mind is the slipped assist clutch, which makes the clutch lever much easier, but also locks it once you release it. Furthermore, disc brakes are part of the standard equipment, just like the LED headlight, which ensures not just a super-attractive look, but excellent illumination too.

Of course, there is the upright seating position for excellent ergonomics, while digital instrumentation ensures excellent transparency and shows pretty much everything you could expect from a motorcycle. The LCD screen features a digital speedometer and tachometer, along with a clock, odometer, trip meter, fuel consumption measurements, engine diagnostic indicators and many more.

2023 Honda CB500F specs

2023 Honda CB500F Price and Warranty

Despite all the amazing features and technical solutions, the 2023 Honda CB500F remains quite affordable, with a starting price of around 6.800 dollars. Also, it comes with an unlimited-mileage one-year warranty.

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