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2025 Honda Ridgeline: It’s Time For Third Generation


With the recent launch of the compact pickup Maverick, it looks like the crowd has finally started realizing all the benefits of unibody pickups and that’s why many predict sales increases for the Ridgeline – Honda’s unibody pickup that has been around for nearly two decades. Still, with this sales increase or not, the Japanese manufacturer will definitely offer the third generation. This pickup may not be the most popular pickup around, but its sales figures have been consistent for a very long time, which proves that there is a healthy fanbase for this pickup. That’s we are all eager to see the 2025 Honda Ridgeline, which should come completely redesigned.

So far, the officials have been quiet but if look at the model’s typical production cycle, this seems like a year for big changes. We presume that the company would offer mostly evolutionary changes. The overall character of the vehicle would remain the same but, on the other hand, the new model would bring all kinds of improvements.

2025 Honda Ridgeline
2023 Honda Ridgeline

2025 Honda Ridgeline Design

So, the 2025 Honda Ridgeline is expected to come completely redesigned and we expect to see all kinds of changes, even though the redesign approach should be rather evolutionary. The overall layout definitely won’t change and the new model will remain a mid-size unibody pickup, the only of this kind in this class of trucks. Once again, a lot of parts will be shared with the Pilot, which has just arrived completely redesigned. The platform will be the same, while we don’t expect to see significant differences in terms of the chassis and suspension setup.

The same is with aesthetics, so the 2025 Honda Ridgeline should bring a completely new design with the front end that takes a lot of inspiration from the mid-size SUV. Such digital renderings photos already appeared on the internet, and we can confirm that the Pilot’s front end looks pretty amazing on this pickup.

2025 Honda Ridgeline render
Source: Digimods Design

The 2025 Honda Ridgeline would bring a more rugged appearance. It will finally get the styling it deserves, which should make a winning combination with the model’s well-known, superior ride quality, which makes this pickup far more convenient compared to typical body-on-frame models like Toyota Tacoma or Chevy Colorado.


The Ridgeline has always been famous for one thing – superior comfort. As mentioned, the unibody platform is one of the reasons, but let’s not forget that this pickup features the biggest cabin in the class, characterized by generous amounts of space in both rows of seats. So, we expect nothing less from the new model, which should be able to accommodate five adults with ease.

Besides plenty of space, this pickup also features great interior quality and an attractive dashboard design. So, expect that the new generation will follow that example and offer a cabin that has a lot in common with the new Pilot. This primarily refers to the dashboard, which looks pretty elegant and pretty upscale in the new SUV. It features nice materials and a lot of attention to detail, and we hope that the new Ridgeline will get the same treatment.

This includes the new tech and convenience features as well. We expect to see things like a digital instrument cluster, an updated and upgraded infotainment system with a larger screen, new connectivity features and many more.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Engine

Once again, we should look at the Pilot, which continues with the same, well-known and proven-to-be-true V6 engine. Of course, we are talking about the well-known 3.5-liter V6, which should bring a slight power increase. The new Pilot features 285 horsepower instead of 280, so we may expect to see the same, minor power increase in the new Ridgeline. Besides good driving dynamics, this engine also offers a high level of refinement, while the next generation should also bring a new 10-speed automatic transmission, instead of the current 9-speed unit.

2025 Honda Ridgeline rendering
Source: Digimods Design

Just like the current model, the next-generation Ridgeline should come standard with all-wheel-drive. The current model can tow up to 5.000 pounds and we don’t believe that the next generation could significantly improve in this aspect, which remains the main drawback of this pickup. Namely, body-on-frame rivals can tow way more, up to 7.700 pounds in some variants.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Release Date and Price

If we can rely on unofficial reports, the 2025 Honda Ridgeline could arrive sometime in the second half of the next year, with a starting price of around 40.000 dollars. The officials, on the other hand, are still quiet.

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