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2024 Afeela EV: What We Know So Far


Sony is about to enter the EV world and that’s been known for years. Recently, the company, along with its partner, Honda, presented a concept version of a vehicle that should enter production in 2026. The new model comes in a classic sedan layout and while we still don’t know its name, we know it will be a part of the brand called Afeela, which will be run by the two companies. For the sake of this short article, we will call it the 2024 Afeela EV.

The two companies presented a concept version that looks quite production-ready. You can see an attractive 4-door sedan layout, which mixes classic and futuristic aesthetics. Of course, a big part of the new model will be the powertrain and the battery, but the company also promises a full load of advanced driver-assistance systems, which would instantly put the new brand among class leaders in this aspect.

2024 Afeela EV

2024 Afeela EV Design

Of course, the main thing of this concept was to show how the production model could possibly look in the future. We can see a big number of futuristic details but the car actually features a pretty conventional, four-door sedan body style. The body is a spice with numerous details, including massive lighting groups, futuristic wheels etc. The back of the car is characterized by a sloping roof, which brings some coupe vibes to the table as well.

When it comes to mechanics, we presume that the 2024 Afeela EV will be built on the new platform, which will Honda use for all of its EV models after 2026. Until then, we will be seeing cooperation with General Motors, which will bring models like Honda Prologue. This particular concept doesn’t tell much about technical solutions but, on the other hand, it promises a full load of advanced tech features. There are more than 40 cameras, sensors, lidars etc. – all in order to bring a bunch of next-generation software, including Qualcomm Technologies’ Snapdragon Digital Chassis for ADAS and telematics solutions. Furthermore, there is also a collaboration with Epic Games on the infotainment side.


The interior is pretty much all about the screens. If you look at the dashboard, there is a massive panel of screens that spreads from one side of the dash to another. Moreover, classic side mirrors are replaced with cameras, so there is a screen on each side that provides a view you usually get from mirrors. The steering wheel also looks futuristic, while the only physical control is a rotary knob on the floating center console.

2024 Afeela EV Interior

We already mentioned that the 2024 Afeela EV comes in a four-door sedan layout, so there should be two spacious and comfortable rows of seats, with a generous offer of legroom. On the other hand, the sloping roofline on the back might compromise the rear headroom.

2024 Afeela EV Drivetrain and Performance

This aspect is still a mystery, probably because of the fact that the new battery technology is still in development. The two companies didn’t provide us with many details, which makes perfect sense if we consider that things are changing extremely fast in the EV world these days and that the 2024 Afeela EV is still a couple of years away from serial production.

Considering Sony’s reputation, we expect some pretty advanced technical solutions in terms of the battery design, which should result in respectable capacity, charging speed etc. Of course, the power output would be competitive too.

2024 Afeela EV rear view

2024 Afeela EV Release Date

Although the exact details about the new all-electric sedan are still unavailable, it looks like the production is about to start sometime in 2026. Moreover, we can also find reports that suggest that order books will be open in 2025.

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