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2024 Honda CR-V Hydrogen SUV Will Happen!


When it comes to battery-electric vehicles, Honda may be falling behind its rivals, but when it comes to hydrogen fuel cell technology, few automakers are as far ahead as the Japanese manufacturer. Such vehicles have been produced by this company for a very long time, including the Clarity of the previous generation, which will be replaced by the new model. This time, a crossover will be used instead of a sedan. In more detail, we’re about to witness the 2024 Honda CR-V Hydrogen Fuel Cell SUV, once the officials decide to come up with more information.

Information on the new model is still not available at this time. Details about power, range and similar topics are still unknown. Still, the Japanese manufacturer is assuring us that, thanks to technological advance, the next-generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be significantly more affordable.

2024 Honda CR-V Hydrogen

2024 Honda CR-V Hydrogen Powertrain

So, this SUV’s drivetrain will be its most intriguing feature. While power figures are still unavailable, we know that the Japanese automaker will use some pretty cutting-edge technology that is much more adaptable than before when we see the next-generation system. The new Honda CR-V Hydrogen Fuel Cell SUV will specifically combine fuel cell and battery-electric features.

More specifically, we won’t just see a standard fuel cell setup with hydrogen fuel cells, a chamber for converting hydrogen into electricity, and then electric motors. In addition to this system, Honda will also include a conventional battery that can be recharged using a cable, just like a conventional plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle. As a result, the new model will have better features. More precisely, there will be two sources of power, which in practice means that the range will be significantly longer compared to conventional battery-electric cars.

2024 Honda CR-V Hydrogen Design

Apart from the powertrain, we anticipate seeing a typical CR-V design, which was recently updated. We, therefore, rely on all the advantages that the most recent overhaul brought about. Along with updates to the ride and overall driving experience, there is a new, bolder and more elegant styling.

2024 Honda CR-V features

There is also the new interior design, which in this instance should have the same layout and a very elegant-looking dashboard. We anticipate the CR-V to maintain its reputation as one of the roomiest and most comfortable SUVs in its class. However, some passenger and cargo space may be limited because of the battery, H2 tanks, and other components.

What About the Price? Can the Honda CR-V Hydrogen Be Affordable?

The cost of fuel cell vehicles is their biggest drawback at the moment. The Clarity was expensive simply because this technology is still in its infancy and is fairly expensive. Honda now claims to have reached the next stage of development, utilizing new materials and technical advancements that will lower the cost of the new system by about two-thirds. In light of this, we do not anticipate that the new Honda CR-V Hydrogen Fuel Cell SUV will be prohibitively expensive. At this point, it’s difficult to say whether this also suggests higher-volume sales.

Honda Plans To Implement New Technology Into Commercial Vehicles

According to Honda officials, the new technology will be shared with other manufacturers, particularly those who produce commercial vehicles, which is another significant advantage of Honda’s most recent accomplishments. In China, where Dongfeng Motors is already testing its trucks with this technology, the new powertrain is specifically already in the testing phase. Additionally, Isuzu will make and sell testing in the forthcoming year, and Honda expects to start making and selling this new tech to partners by the middle of the 2020s.

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