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2024 Honda N-Van Is Getting All-Electric Powertrain


Honda’s tiny commercial vehicle has been in its current form since 2018 and it won our hearts long ago, with its Kei dimensions and smart design, which make it super practical and super versatile. Besides distinctive design, this miniature van also offers an exceptional level of flexibility, something that characterizes all models from the N series. Now, the company has prepared further upgrades and novelties for the 2024 Honda N-Van, as an all-electric version is coming, with 200 kilometers of range.

The Honda N-Van is a small commercial van that is part of Honda’s N-Series lineup of vehicles. With a compact and boxy design, the N-Van is designed primarily for commercial use and is popular in the Japanese market. The next year’s model will bring notable upgrades for the next year, particularly in terms of powertrain but also in terms of distinctive design solutions and features. At the same time, the vehicle will be very affordable, as the latest reports suggest it will cost around 7.000 dollars.

2024 Honda N-Van EV

2024 Honda N-Van Is Getting All-Electric Powertrain

As mentioned, the biggest novelty for the next year will be the introduction of the all-electric version. So far, we don’t know many details about the powertrain. Still, we know that the company promised 124 miles (200km) of range, which seems quite good considering the model’s tiny dimensions that won’t allow installation of some significant battery pack. As for the electric motors, we presume that the company could use a single unit, optionally two. It’s still early to talk about the exact power figures.

On the other hand, standard models will continue in a familiar way, with a good-old 660cc turbocharged three-cylinder engine. It is good for 64 horsepower and 104Nm of torque (77lb-ft). This engine can be paired either with a manual gearbox or CVT, and you can choose between front- and all-wheel drive.

2024 Honda N-Van Interior
Honda N-Box

2024 Honda N-Van Design

In terms of the overall design, the 2024 Honda N-Van will continue in the same way. This van features a unique and distinct design. The compact and boxy shape maximizes interior space while maintaining a small overall footprint. The front of the N-Van features a simple and clean design, with a large grille and Honda’s signature “H” badge in the center. In the case of the upcoming EV versions, the grille will feature a different design, accentuating the model’s all-electric nature. The headlights are integrated into the front fascia, giving the N-Van a sleek and modern look. The boxy shape continues in the back parts of the vehicle, while slide rear doors remain one of its recognizable details.

As for the mechanics, the N-Van’s chassis offers some affordable design solutions. Still, it also offers a pretty decent level of comfort. When it comes to the suspension setup, a typical MacPherson strut is at the front, while the rear axle relies on a torsion beam. In terms of brakes, discs are at the front, while the rear wheels use good-old drums.

Interior Design

The interior of the Honda N-Van is designed for practicality and functionality. It has a spacious and versatile cargo area that can be configured to suit different business needs. From what we know so far, the next year’s model won’t change much. Still, the EV might come with a few distinctive details. The cabin features a simple and straightforward design, with durable materials and easy-to-clean surfaces. All that have an impact on the affordable asking price for sure.

The seats are comfortable and supportive, and the driver’s seat is adjustable to accommodate drivers of different heights. The dashboard is easy to read and features a simple and intuitive layout, with all the necessary controls within easy reach. The N-Van also features a range of storage compartments and cupholders. It is a practical choice for drivers who spend long hours on the road.

2024 Honda N-Van Interior

The cabin can also be equipped pretty well. Some of the highlights are automatic climate control, along with a touchscreen interface that includes Bluetooth, smartphone integration etc. Furthermore, Honda Sensing is there as well, with a good portion of modern driver-assistance features. There are adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking.

2024 Honda N-Van Release Date and Price

We expect that the 2024 Honda N-Van, including the all-electric version, will arrive sometime in the last quarter of the year. According to the latest reports, the starting price of the EV model should go around 1 Million yen. That is roughly a little bit over 7.000 dollars.

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