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In the world of ATVs, the Rancher 420 has always been a smart choice. With a fantastic balance of performance, utility and reliability, it is one of the best choices for riders who need a versatile machine, capable of doing a wide range of tasks. The 2023 Honda Rancher 420 comes with a proven design, with minimal changes, and that’s certainly a good thing because no one wants to change things that work great.

Another special thing about the Rancher is the level of customization. It comes with eight trim levels on offer and the differences between them aren’t just cosmetical. Each version comes with a lot of exclusive technical solutions, including different suspension setups, different transmissions, drivetrains and more.

2023 Honda Rancher 420

2023 Honda Rancher 420 Engine Specs

Although there are many differences between the trim level, all Ranchers are the same in one thing – the engine. All models come with a 420cc single-cylinder, four-stroke engine, which has been around for more than 15 years and which proved itself not just as a great performer, but also as a bullet-proof unit that offers an impressive level of reliability and durability.

The engine is extremely durable but also comes with a variety of smart technology solutions. Of course, there is Honda’s well-known semi-dry-sump engine design with an overhead valve, which makes it shorter from top to bottom. That is a win-win situation because you get both a lower center of gravity and higher ground clearance. Of course, the engine feature programmed fuel injection, which ensures seamless power delivery in all conditions. The engine is equipped with an in-tank fuel pump that offers improved longevity as well.


When it comes to the drivetrain, there are several ways buyers can configure their Rancher. Base models come with a classic 5-speed manual transmission with an automatic clutch, but there is also an option of an electric-shift program, which turns this manual gearbox into a much more convenient unit, where you use just two buttons to upshift and downshift. Finally, there is the more advanced dual-clutch transmission, which offers faster shift and even better control. Not to mention that this transmission allows riders to concentrate more on riding.

2023 Honda Rancher 420 specs

While base models come with 2WD, most versions feature a 4WD layout, with the company’s well-known Traxlok system, that allows you to switch between 2WD and 4WD easily, with just a single move of the lever. Moreover, you can also get a torque-sensitive front differential (rear locking differential comes with the bigger Foreman), and get better traction on challenging terrains.

2023 Honda Rancher 420 Chassis, Suspension and Brakes

The 2023 Honda Rancher 420 comes with a compact, maneuverable and lightweight chassis that ensures excellent performance in all conditions. The ATV weighs between 580 pounds and 680 pounds (depending on the configuration), while the 50-inch wheelbase makes it highly maneuverable.

Once again, Honda offers a choice to buyers, regarding suspension setup. At the front, all models come with an Independent double-wishbone setup, with 6.7 inches of travel. However, things are a little bit different in terms of the rear suspension setup. On one side, base versions come with a swingarm with a single shock, with 6.7 inches of travel. Higher trim levels feature an upgraded double-wishbone front suspension with 7.3 inches of travel, as well as an independent dual-arm rear suspension with a pretty impressive 8.5 inches of travel.

Brakes are also part of this customization. All models feature front disc brakes but depending on the rear suspension choice, you get different components. If you choose the swingarm with the single shock, you get good-old mechanical drums. On the other hand, models with independent rear suspension also come with disc brakes on the rear wheels.

Comfort and Convenience

One of the things we always love about Rancher is its digital instrumentalization. Although with a pretty basic LED screen, this ATV offers excellent transparency and shows plenty of useful information. It’s super-easy to see things like gear position, speed, fuel level, coolant temperature etc. Also, the screen includes an odometer, trip meter and hour meter, as well as Honda’s “Maintenance Minder”, which reminds you when it’s time for the service.

Another thing we like about the Rancher 420 is the available power steering, which helps a lot in rugged terrains. Furthermore, the seat is designed very well, with great ergonomics and a high level of comfort. Also, it is positioned at 35.4 inches in height, which make this ATV suitable for riders of all sizes. The Rancher is equipped with front and rear cargo racks, as well as a very practical 1.9-liter utility box for your personal belongings.

2023 Honda Rancher 420 Camo

2023 Honda Rancher 420 Price and Warranty

The 2023 Honda Rancher 420 starts at around 5.900 dollars and it comes with a one-year limited warranty, which can be extended with the company’s well-known HondaCare Protection Plan.

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