2020 Honda TRX250X Starts at $4949


The latest 2020 Honda TRX250X is one of the most compacts ATVs that can be found on the market. Basically, this model is improved a lot, compared to its predecessor. It provides great handling, long suspension travel, and a broad four-stroke powerband that makes this ATV fun to drive.

Unlike the rest of the models in the market, the new 2020 Honda TRX250X also features exclusive Honda SportClutch™. Thanks to that, one will get full control of a manual shift and clutch, eliminating the chance of shift-induced stalling. This model starts at $4949 and is available now for purchase.

2020 Honda TRX250X side

2020 Honda TRX250X Design

As you can see, the new 2020 Honda TRX250X is looking way better than the predecessor. The manufacturer made some changes and improvements. Generally, construction is durable and this ATV is light enough for smaller adults and big enough for full-sized riders, according to Honda.

Moreover, thanks to new lightweights aluminum wheels, this model reduces unsprung weights and it gives super headling. Also, it comes with a new Independent double-wishbone front suspension that provides an exceptional 5.9 inches of travel and a smooth ride on any type of terrains. Besides that, the manufacturer added an electric starter that makes you start engine easy, even when the engine is cold.

Interestingly, TRX250X can also use reverse making unloading more accessible than ever. Like the predecessor, the new model is available in two colors Red and Metallic Blue.

2020 Honda TRX250X review


The new 2020 Honda TRX250X model uses a lightweight OHV air-cooled 229cc engine that is allowing direct driveshaft alignment to rear wheels. Thanks to that, TRX250X gives more efficient power transfer.

As we mentioned, this model comes with a handlebar-mounted Honda SportClutch. Thanks primarily to that, it enables the rider to experience manual clutch actuation with no worry of stalling when coming to a stop. This is ideal for a younger rider with no experience because is allowing to learning clutch engagement points and enjoy the full performance of a conventional manual clutch.

2020 Honda TRX250X rear

Note From Manufacturer

This model is lightweights and is recommended for riders 16 years of age and older. Moreover, protection is the first thing to consider riding this ATV. Honda recommends that all riders must take a few training courses before taking a ride.

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