Upgraded 2021 Honda CB125R Has Been Finally Revealed


The upgraded version 2021 Honda CB125R has been recently revealed, and it could be firstly released in the Asian market. Compared to the outgoing bike, the new one hides two very significant upgrades. We just got information that some changes in the engine department are happening, and the forthcoming Honda CB125R will deploy a new engine. Besides that, we also heard that it hosts a much-improved suspension.

Honda did a great job replaced the old single overhead cam engine with a new DOHC motor. Moreover, the powertrain still measures 125cc as the predecessor, but it offers better performances and torque.

2021 Honda CB125R front

2021 Honda CB125R Features

The design of the newest 2021 Honda CB125R will not differ at all from the predecessor. As mentioned, the manufacturer will focus on bringing more power and better stability. Like the current model, the new one uses the same 57.3mm, and 47.2mm bore. As for the chassis, some changes happened, and Honda CB125R adopt Showa Separate Function Big Piston (SFF-BP) upside-down forks.

Generally, this is the first time we saw the bike within the 125cc class, because we used to see the same forks on the much bigger bikes like the 2021 CB650R. However, the rest of the chassis is the same as the previous generation, meaning that dimension and shape remains. Also, the manufacturer used the same Nissin four-pot caliper up front and the same IMU system controlling the ABS.

2021 Honda CB125R engine

New Engine

The new version 2021 Honda CB125R features some mechanical changes. Basically, this model finally achieves the 11kW (15hp) mark that’s maximum for L-plated 125cc bikes. As you probably know, the previous model with a single overhead cam predecessor provided 9.8kW (13hp). This is a significant improvement, and peak torque also rises from 7.4lbft to 8.6lbft.

Generally, from some statistics, power is increases by 16%, which is stable. Interestingly, thanks to this engine, the latest Honda CB125R achieves the all-important Euro 5 certifications.

2021 Honda CB125R new infotainment

2021 Honda CB125R Release Date and Cost

To sum up, the forthcoming 2021 Honda CB125R will feature the same styling, but it will provide more power. This model comes with a modified engine, delivering better performance than the predecessor. According to reliable information, prices and availability are expected to be announced soon.

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