2021 Honda CRF50 Is the Top Suited Crosser for the Younger Ones


The most popular motocross machine among the younger population is definitively the new 2021 Honda CRF50. This bike is perfectly sized for the smallest one, and it also offers a great combination of features. On top of that, it looks like a real motocross, and it comes with an adjustable throttle limiter and keys ignition. Overall, the design is compact and very luring for the young ones.

According to Honda, the heart of this small bike consists of a reliable, four-stroke engine that delivers smooth, easy-to-use power. Unlike the bigger motocrossers, this little engine is paired to a three-speed transmission, and it uses an automatic clutch. Generally, this is an excellent option offering a rider shifting without worrying about stalling.

2021 Honda CRF50 first look

2021 Honda CRF50 Features

The new 2021 Honda CRF50 is a compact bike, measuring a wheelbase of 36.0 inches and curb weight of just 110 pounds. It uses a strong steel frame that can handle the bumps providing off-roading more comfortable. Honda used for the front suspension an inverted telescopic fork with 3.5-inches of travel, while the rear suspension consists of a single-shock with 2.8-inches of travel.

Overall, the design is attractive, and the new Honda CRF50 features a removable key, ensuring parents that younger riders can’t ride without an adult’s supervision.

2021 Honda CRF50 Engine

The forthcoming 2021 Honda CRF50 is a very reliable bike that provides excellent handling. It comes with a famous 49cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine delivering outstanding performances.

Honda also reveals that this engine will be connected to a new three-speed transmission with an automatic clutch. For more control, the manufacturer added an adjustable throttle limiter that helps new riders to match the CRF50F’s power output to the rider’s skill level.

2021 Honda CRF50 side look

Release Date and Price

The 2021 Honda CRF50 is now available to purchase worldwide. As we mentioned, this small motocross offers a lot of fun for the youngest one. It also comes with compact and modern styling followed by an excellent engine.

On top of that, it’s very affordable. It starts at just $1,600, plus a destination charge of $190. For extra safety, Honda recommended that the rider takes at least a few training leases and to wear a protective suit, helmet, and gloves.


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