2021 Honda Rebel 500 Postponed for the Next Year

The 2021 Honda Rebel 500 is the new motorcycle that offers a blacked-out look, and plenty of improvements. So, if you are looking for a bike with a traditional design, providing plenty of user-friendly power, this model is an ideal choice.

From the information that Honda released, the new model will continue to use the same 471cc twin-cylinder engine providing even better performance. Besides, the latest model will be lightweight, and it will feature a new Honda’s slip/assist clutch, providing a more enjoyable ride.

2021 Honda Rebel 500

2021 Honda Rebel 500 Design

The 2021 Honda Rebel 500 is one of the stylish motorcycles that we saw. This bike uses a blacked-out styling that is unique. Basically,  blacked-out pieces can be seen everywhere, including the engine, frame, exhaust system, and on some of the bodywork elements.

Thanks to that, Honda Rebel 500 is looking great during the day and even better at night. As mentioned, its overall lightweight and low center of gravity help this bike to provide better performances than before. Comfort is also one of the best, thanks to the lower seat, which is made of quality materials.

2021 Honda Rebel 500 dash

2021 Honda Rebel 500 Engine

Like the outgoing model, the new 2021 Honda Rebel 500 will deploy the same engine. This model uses a 471cc  twin-cylinder engine, and we must admit, it’s an excellent choice for a machine like the Rebel 500. Generally, twins are very famous in the motorcycle world, because of their versatility.

On top of that, twins offer lots of low-rpm torque but plenty of higher-rpm performance. Unlike the many models in the same class, the Honda Rebel 500 also comes with a new slipper/assist clutch. Basically, that means the new technology will reduce clutch effort at the bar by about 30 percent.

2021 Honda Rebel 500 rear

Release Date and Price

The forthcoming Honda Rebel 500 is the bike that will bring many improvements over the predecessor. Generally, it offers excellent styling and currently one of the best engines on the market.

Honda has revealed that this model has been postponed for next year due to the Coronavirus’s current situation. However, pricing is available, and you can get this awesome bike for just $6500. The exposed price also includes a destination charge of $380.

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