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Honda S1000 Everything We Know About the Future Roadster


According to some gossip, Honda automaker will make a huge impact on the market in the following year. From the latest information, the famous Japanese company has a plan to introduce some of the new cars and to bring back some models that have been forgotten for a long time ago. The comeback of the sports version Honda S660 will not happen, but some speculations about its successor S1000 is still circulation over many websites. So, what we can expect from this model? The new Honda S1000 will definitively provide more sporty styling than the S660. We have some rendering photos and it looks awesome.

Besides that, it will feature a more powerful engine and some mechanical changes. Also, S1000 Type R is rumored and this model will probably provide more power under the hood and more aggressive body.

Honda S1000

Honda S1000 Design

The newest Honda S1000 is the successor of the famous two seats S660 model. This small roadster once has been one of the most eye-catching models on the market. Moreover, thanks to its compact design, the Honda S660 is easy to drive and we can expect the same with the new one. Every inch of this model is smartly made and because of that, aerodynamic is excellent.

Dimensionally, the upcoming model will be larger than its predecessor. Some leaked info reveals that this model will be around 7.8 inches wider and 5.9 inches longer.

Interior Rumors

Inside, we cannot assume what could be newly added. However, one is for sure, the new model will provide a more sporty cabin than before. There will be a better-arranged interior with lots of upscale materials, and even more techs will be added.

Like the S660 model, the new Honda S1000 will keep the same layout inside. The mentioned aging roadster comes with two seats and not so comfortable cabin. However, this will definitively change and the new model will be more comfy thanks to its extended body.

Honda S1000 interior

Powertrain Details

At this time, there is no available information about which powertrain will be used under the all-new model. The most speculations say that the upcoming Honda S1000 may use a newly developed 1.0-liter turbocharged VTEC gasoline engine. This engine will, according to the same source, provide more than 127 hp (95 kW).

Furthermore, if we compare it with the S660 that gives 63 hp with the 660cc engine, this is a significant jump. On top of that, the manufacturer will continue to offer this model with a rear-wheel-drive system and it will probably use the same six-speed manual gearbox.

Honda S1000 Type R

The high-performance version S1000 Type R is also on the Honda’s list of new models. This model will, according to many speculations bring a more aggressive approach. Besides that, some websites are spreading false rumors that this version will be powered by an engine that will produce 100 hp (75 kW). However, the high-performance model will definitively provide more output than the base Honda S1000.

Honda S1000 rear

Honda S1000 Price and Release Date

Considering that this model is not official, it’s still early to discuss its price. As for the release date, it’s still unknown, but what is quite certain is that Honda is not giving up on this model.

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