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2021 Honda Element Is Super-Friendly Towards Dogs


The upcoming 2021 Honda Element is obviously wearing one of the boxy and odd designs on the market. This small crossover offers all-in-one. It comes with a somehow strange and attractive appearance and it’s convenient. Besides that, it’s very pet-friendly. So what can we expect from the new model?

The new model will get mid-cycle updates and it will look visually better than before. On top of that, under the hood, the Element will be powered by two powertrains.

2021 Honda Element

2021 Honda Element Redesign

The forthcoming 2021 Honda Element is the small crossover that is recognized on the road because of its boxy design. First thing first, the design looks odd but it`s more sporty than before. The upcoming model is getting some refreshments and we like this new look.

The front still dominates and this SUV remains to wear a stylish grille and a new LED headlights system. Somehow, Honda makes its design more aggressive and it also adds fog lights this time. On the other hand, the rear of this SUV will remain almost the same. The only difference that is visible is revised taillights and the bumper in a different color than the body. Dimensionally, the Element remains to be a compact crossover with the same shape. Thanks to that, it provides great headling and it`s easy to maneuver.

2021 Honda Element cabin

Cabin Design and Trim Features

In terms of interior design, the upcoming 2021 Honda Element will keep the same modern and spacious cabin as the previous model. The interior looks boxy and it gains the same feeling as the exterior. However, with this year’s model, the manufacturer will use more quality materials and we can even expect more trim techs. Like before, the tradition continues with two rows of seats and enough rooms inside for five occupants. The cabin is comfortable and it guarantees maximum relaxation.

As before, the Honda Element will offer vast trim modifications. For example, LX trim that is base one will include features like the automatic climate, infotainment system, AM/FM/CD with 4-speaker, cruise control, lane assist system and much more. EX trim will cost an additional $2000, and it will add a great sound system with seven speakers, XM radio, MP3/WMA capability, and digital dash.

Dog-Friendly Package

As we mentioned, the Honda Element is known as the dog-friendly crossover. This dog package is the highlight of this model and makes it unique on the market. Overall, it includes a spill-resistant water bowl, soft-sided crate with a built-in, portable ramp to give dogs ease access to the container. Thanks to all the features above, your trip with a pet will feel more comfortable.

2021 Honda Element Dog package

2021 Honda Element Powertrain

Two engines will be available under the new 2021 Honda Element. This popular SUV is housing the robust platform and it comes with the same powertrain configurations as the current model. The first engine that powers the base model is s 2.4-liter engine that is capable of delivering a 200 horsepower.

The second one is more stronger and it comes optionally. This powertrain consists of a 1.5-liter turbo powertrain that delivers no less than 210 horses. A start/stop system that is also available and it will provide a significantly better fuel economy. In addition to transmission, both versions may use the new six-speed automatic.

Arrival Date and Cost

Due to the pandemic Covid-19 situation all over the world, the release date of the famous 2021 Honda Element is delayed for the following year. So, we can expect this model to debut next year with mid-cycle refreshments. The only disadvantage of the Element is that it will use existing engines.

However, we assume that this will be changed with the new generation. Price is another mystery right now. But because of minimal changes, we can expect that the price will remain the same. The current model costs $20,000 for the base model while choosing the EX trim, the price will jump to $30,000.

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