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2021 Honda S3000 Comeback Is Approaching


The rumors about the comeback of the new 2021 Honda S3000 draws a lot of attention recently. Many speculations indicate that this model might happen in the following year. So what to expect from the new model? The upcoming rodster will for sure shake the market with its releases.

From recently released renderings, the upcoming roadster S3000 will deliver a similar exterior design as the famous Acura NSX model. Overall, the latest S3000 looks refreshed and it established a more recognizable style. Also, we have information that Honda will use a lighter platform than before, which will result in better performance and efficiency. On top of that, expect more outputs and even the hybrid model.

2021 Honda S3000 front

2021 Honda S3000 Funky Styling

The exterior design of the 2021 Honda S3000 from the renderings looks attractive and modern. However, because this is not a final version, its design might be changed. Generally, the company keeps secretly almost every information about the styling of the new model. However, according to no official images, the latest S3000 will borrow plenty of cues from the famous NSX model.

Its dimensions and proportions will go through minor changes. Also, it hosts sharp, sporty lines and it will use lighter materials to reduce the overall weight. The body of this model offers the same aggressiveness as the NSX. In addition, both models provide a similar front fascia design. The only difference is the tinker headlights on the NSX and sharper lines.

Interior Rumors

The latest 2021 Honda S3000 is the funky roadsters that will host a modern cabin for sure. This model will provide exciting technology packages and interior that will be full of gadgets. Thanks to the new lighter platform, this roadster will get a longer wheelbase and that means a more spacious cabin. The interior design will be crowded with upscale materials and it will provide plenty of comforts. Expect leather seats as standard with power-adjustments.

On top of that, the dashboard will be a cleaner and it might host the new 7-inch touchscreen that we saw on nowadays Honda models. In addition, Honda is known as one of the manufacturers that provide a great package of safety features. So, expect plenty of airbags across the cabin, blind-spot monitoring, brake assist system, and much more.

2021 Honda S3000 engine

2021 Honda S3000 Engine Specs

It is still unclear what engine will power the new 2021 Honda S3000 model. Moreover, the company will probably use some of the reliable drivers as 3.0-liter V6 or 3.5-liter powertrains. So, expect with this type of engine output to be close to 300 hp. As we mentioned, if this model happens, it will definitively come with a lighter platform.

That means it will provide better performance and way better acceleration. A hybrid version is a next possibility. As you may know, almost every carmaker is now focusing on developing more greener cars. The hybrid will definitively provide better consumption and it will be more environment-friendly.

2021 Honda S3000

Release Date and Price

The comeback of the famous 2021 Honda S3000 it might happen soon or later. At this moment, there’s no official release date. However, from many speculations, the redesigned version S3000 will make a debut in Japan in the fall of 2021.

The price of this roadster will depend on the equipment and trim levels. Some reports indicate that the base model may cost around $35,000. However, going for some of the additional equipment will raise the price of this model over $38,000.

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